Western Herbals and Dietary Supplements

Whole Food Based Supplements

Individual western herbs and supplements can be very beneficial for specific organ support and are prescribed as needed.  Standard Process whole food supplements are an excellent way to use the inherent nutritional value of certain foods for disease prevention and treatment

To improve the nutrition of my patients, I frequently add whole food based supplements made by Standard Process (www.standardprocess.com) to the diets of my patients to help support specific organ function.


Standard Process makes whole food supplements specifically  for horses, dogs and cats (as well as people).  The supplements I prescribe most often are for kidney, liver, immune, thyroid and musculoskeletal support. Standard Process is located in Palmyra, Wisconsin and provides whole food supplements made from organic ingredients grown on their own farm.


"Ziggy" is taking Standard Process Canine Renal Support along with Chinese herbals and acupuncture to help support his kidney disease

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