Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic Laser

Laser therapy stimulates cellular activity and improves the speed and quality of healing. Wavelengths in the infrared spectrum, between 700-1000 nanometers, (our Grady laser in 810 nm) result in the increased formation of ATP at the cellular level. ATP is needed for many metabolic processes leading to increased cell generation and regulation of growth factors and inflammatory mediators which are important for healing.

Lasers also increase endorphins (natural pain killers) to help relieve pain and they can improve new blood vessel formation and nerve healing. The light in our laser can penetrate 4 cm deep to reach well into the center of joints and muscles of most animals. The result is improved pain control and faster healing of tissue.

Clifford getting Laser therapy for back pain

Lasers are also very effective in promoting wound healing:  Below are pictures of a poor healing toe wound during and after laser  therapy:

After one treatment

After two treatments:

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