Nutritional Consultation

How Important is Diet?

Good quality diet is the cornerstone of health for any individual. I am available to review your companion's diet and supplement regimen to help you make the best decisions about what you are feeding your furry friends.

I will look at the dietary needs of my patients (your companions) from a TCVM perspective using Food Therapy principles to balance the energy (warm vs cold) of the diet as well as looking at the inherent qualities of different ingredients (ie damp vs dry) to provide the best health and balance in each individual. Whole foods are prescribed just like an herb to help improve problems slowly and gently.

"Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine" Hippocrates, father of Western modern medicine

Chinese Food Therapy can be as simple as adding a few specific whole foods or herbs to your companion's current diet or as involved as preparing a balanced homemade diet developed specifically for your animal's unique needs.


Commercial, Raw and Homemade Diets:

Diets are reviewed taking into account each individual’s nutritional needs including daily activity level and general health. We are happy to help you feed your animals a balanced, appropriate homemade or raw diet and will recommend dietary supplements to compliment a commercial diet.

For excellent sources of high quality foods and supplements for your companions I recommend trying one of the following stores in the Madison area:

Nutsy Mutz & Crazy Catz

Mad Cat

Bad Dog Frida


Whole Food Based Supplements

To improve the nutrition of my patients, I frequently add whole food based supplements made by Standard Process ( to the diets of my patients to help support specific organ function.  Standard Process makes whole food supplements specifically  for horses, dogs and cats (as well as people).  The supplements I prescribe most often are for kidney, liver, immune, thyroid and musculoskeletal support. Standard Process is located in Palmyra, Wisconsin and provides whole food supplements made from organic ingredients grown on their own farm.

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