Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the four branches of TCVM and is very useful for treating many chronic medical conditions in domestic animals. Many Chinese formulas have been used in people for over 500 years.

Most Chinese herbal formulas include 2-12 herbs combined to enhance the effects of the herbs and decrease the side effects.  They are very safe and effective to use with or without acupuncture therapy.

Herbal formulas can be used in older animals with liver or kidney disease when many western medicines may not be tolerated by these patients. In fact, we can use Chinese herbal medicine to TREAT kidney and liver disease!

I frequently combine Chinese herbal medicine with acupuncture treatment for better results in my patients.

Western Herbal Therapy

There are also many useful western herbs that can help support organ function. Common examples include the use of milk thistle for liver support and hawthorne for heart support. I frequently use western herbals such as these to help my patients in addition to (or instead of) Chinese herbal therapy.

To re-order Chinese herbal formulas please email Dr Lynne @ drlynne@harmonyvet.com

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