Food Therapy

Chinese Food Therapy

Food therapy is the use of the inherent energy of whole foods to support health and to treat disease.  Foods are chosen and combined into a diet in a similar way that herbs are chosen for a Chinese herbal formula to gently return the body to balance.  Food therapy is frequently combined with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

I will look at the dietary needs of my patients (your companions) from a TCVM perspective using Food Therapy principles to balance the energy (warm vs cold) of the diet as well as looking at the inherent qualities of different ingredients (ie damp vs dry) to provide the best health and balance in each individual. Whole foods are prescribed just like an herb to help improve problems slowly and gently.

"Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine" Hippocrates, father of Western modern medicine

Chinese Food Therapy can be as simple as adding a few specific whole foods or herbs to your companion's current diet or as involved as preparing a balanced homemade diet developed specifically for your animal's unique needs.

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