Shelby (Arthritic Pain)


As a senior cat, our Shelby has experienced his share of old age issues.  He is on several medications to keep those illnesses under control so when he was diagnosed with some arthritis and started to have trouble making the slightest jumps and became withdrawn, the thought of adding a pain medication to his existing regimen was discouraging.  We had heard about the alternative treatments for pain therapy but were concerned how our very shy Shelby would handle the treatments.   We decided to try one treatment to see how it went.  

After the very first treatment Shelby showed such dramatic improvement, it was like the difference between night and day.  He wanted to be with the family – no more hiding, he was so much happier and has gained some of his youthful abilities back.   The use of the pain medication has become almost non-existent.   After a few consecutive treatments, Shelby is now on a maintenance schedule. 

From the very first, Dr. Dawn was so wonderful with our Shelby.   As Shelby does not like new environments or unknown people, he has accepted the treatments amazingly well, with little fidgeting or apprehension.       

Words can’t express how very thankful we are to Dr. Dawn.  We only wish we had tried this much sooner!

Note: Shelby has received a combination of spinal manipulation, LED medical light therapy and electrical acupuncture point stimulation (this allows for the stimulation of acupuncture points without needles and without Shelby feeling the stimulation). Dr. Dawn Mogilevsky

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