Pandora (Cancer)

This is Pandora's Story:

"Pandora's Story"

 When I saw Pandora's digital xrays-one tumor on her right atruim(heart), another in her intestinal region and fluid in her chest cavity-I thought there was nothing else to do for my lethargic, 14 yr old Foxhound mix.

My veterinarian suggested I contact Dr. Dawn for a holistic care consultation. Dr. Dawn recommended acupuncture to stimulate Pandora's immune system and increase vital organ innervation.


We also had a nutritional consult with Dr. Lynne. Dr. Lynne's advice resulted in a more natural diet, complemented with Chinese herbs, which arrest tumor growth and inhibit bleeding.
 Recent, follow-up xrays revealed that both tumors have shrunk slightly and have not bled. Pandy is happier, more alert and prances 2 miles daily at the dog park!


Pandora LOVES her relaxing acupuncture sessions with either Dr. Dawn or Dr. Lynne.  She's been under their compassionate  care for 10 months  will celebrate her 15th birthday in January 2015, with a sparkle in her eye!

Thank you Dr. Lynne and Dr. Dawn for greatly improving Pandy's quality of life. She is a different dog, thanks to your treatment, insight and advice. We love Harmony Vet Clinic!

The Agostini family

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