Oscar (Megacolon)

This is Oscar's story

Oscar was rescued by his owners after an injury to his tail (which needed to be amputated).  After his injury Oscar had a very hard time using the bathroom and was needing monthly enemas.  He was diagnosed with megacolon. He had also started to develop fecal incontinence and a bladder that would not empty on its own. He was on three medications for these problems.

I first saw Oscar in December 2004, one week after his last enema. His bladder was not working and his colon was very large and full.

Oscar was treated with acupuncture every 2 weeks for three treatments then every 4-8 weeks. He was started on a Chinese herbal formula to help his constipation.  He did not need another enema and started passing small amounts of stool daily.  By the third treatment his colon was a normal size.

By the fourth treatment, Oscar's bladder was working better and he was started on a Chinese herbal formula to support his bladder function. His owner was able to more easily empty his bladder manually at home.

Oscar was maintained on Western medications and Chinese herbal formulas with acupuncture for three years. We were able to decrease the frequency and dosage of some of his western medications. He was playful and active at home. During the time I treated Oscar, he also became more able to control his bladder and had very rare episodes of constipation. He was a happy, interactive member of his household.

Oscar was a wonderful acupuncture patient and loved his treatments! He relaxed every time.

Sadly Ocsar died suddenly in 2008 of a heart problem thought to be related to one of his bladder medication.  He had a great quality of life until the last day.  He is greatly missed!

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