Oliver (Vaccine Reaction)

This is Oliver's Story

 “Oliver” is a Siamese-Tabby-mix cat whose exact origins are unknown.  Our neighbor found him as a semi-feral 5 week old kitten.  For the first year we had him, he was a healthy, normal cat.  But at 18 months of age, Oliver had his first set of annual booster vaccinations.  Immediately following these vaccinations, his behavior and health began to decline.  He refused to eat and slept all day.  When his condition did not improve, my vet tried treating him for an allergic reaction and then for a possible infection.  Neither treatment resulted in any improvement in Oliver’s condition. 

Oliver began to lose weight.  He is normally a slender cat, so he had no extra fat to lose.  His coat also started to look horrible – dry and disheveled.  He would only eat a couple of bites of “bribe foods” at a time.  He also refused to drink water, but I made homemade broth to keep him hydrated.  At my request, my vet ran a full feline panel as well as a urinalysis, but both came back with all normal results.  The vet had no idea of what could be wrong with Oliver, and told me to continue to weigh him weekly and bring him back to the clinic if he got worse. 

In desperation, I asked Dr. Lynne if she thought she could help Oliver.  Although he is a very sweet cat, he is often fearful.  I could not imagine how Oliver would tolerate acupuncture, but I felt we had to try.  At his first treatment, Oliver snuggled down into the fleece cover on the exam table as Dr. Lynne calmly petted him and put in the needles.   She also sent us home with some herbs to add to his food.  After we got home from that treatment, Oliver climbed to the top of the cat tree and slept the rest of the day.  The next morning, he woke up and ate his first full meal in a month.  I took Oliver back for a second acupuncture treatment a week later.  After the second treatment his behavior and appetite were back to normal.

My husband and I are so grateful to Dr. Lynne for helping our sweet kitty Oliver.  We believe that she saved his life.

Tracy Sengupta (Oliver's owner)

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