Mimosa (Ear Infections)

Acupuncture for a Chronic Middle Ear Infection

Mimosa has had middle ear infections since she was adopted by her owners five years ago.  She has been on antibiotics many, many times that make her sick to her stomach and make her feel bad.  In 2010 she had surgery at the University getting sleepyof Wisconsin Veterinary School for her chronic ear infection (bilateral bulla osteotomy).  She felt great after surgery for about 2 weeks then had to go back on the antibiotics that make her feel so crummy. 

She started having acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy in February of 2011 at the Animal Holistic Care Specialists.  Since that time she has not needed ANY oral antibiotics! (10 months so far!). She is eating very well, has gained weight, feels great and is playing at home.  She currently comes in for acupuncture every 8 weeks to help keep her ears healthy and is taking a maintenance Chinese herbal formula.

Notice how Mimosa is getting sleepy in the pictures on the right. Cats love acupuncture!

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