Mickey (Recurrent Uveitis)

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs helped Mickey's Recurrent Uveitis

Dr. Dennis has been working with my 16 year-old Appaloosa gelding, Mickey, to help decrease recent flare-ups of uveitis. Mickey has been battling uveitis for many years now, but not until recently has it impacted his health in a negative way. The uveitis has caused his left eye to obtain ulcers and has diminished his vision in that eye as well. Once the onset of ulcers occurred, I was administering ointments and other western medicine techniques. I was referred to Dr. Dennis at Harmony Vet  when I made it known to my vet that I wanted to try a different approach to treating Mickey.

The first acupuncture treatment went extremely well and I could see the positive results right away. The acupuncture was a great treatment for my horse.

The most memorable experience I had with Dr. Dennis and her expertise was when she came out after I called her about a severe flare-up Mickey had.

A common symptom of a flare-up of uveitis is increased inflammation and tearing. Mickey had both of these symptoms in a severe manner. Throughout the treatment I could see the positive results slowly at work, but it was not until about 20 minutes after the treatment did I see the great work of acupuncture. Mickey’s eye had stopped tearing and the inflammation had gone down so much that he was able to open his eye. It was a great relief to him and to me.

Dr. Dennis has also prescribed him Chinese herbs to help with the control of the inflammation. Not only does he love the taste, but they also work extremely well! I am so elated that this route of treatment has worked wonders on my horse. I thank Dr. Dennis for all of her kindness, help, and
expertise in treating my horse and making him healthy again!

Written by Mickey's owner

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