Lucy (Bladder Stones)

Diet and a Chinese herbal supplement have controlled Lucy's stones!

This is a story of dog friendship.
Ruby(silver schnauzer on left) came to our family form the Dane County Humane society. About a year after we got Ruby our daughter called and told us about another schnauzer puppy who was needing a home. All of her siblings had been sold and she was left behind. With much pleading from the dad of this house, it was agreed we could add her to our family. We decided to call her Lucy ( she is the black schnauzer).We were all excited, especially Ruby. Ruby became Lucy's mom and best friend. 
Everything seemed to be going well until Lucy turned one year old. She got sick and the vet told us she had bladder stones. She had surgery to remove them and we thought all would be OK. We changed her food and added cranberry to her diet. Ruby and Lucy continued to bring us joy.
Then when Lucy turned two years old the same thing happened. Our other Vet did another surgery and told us that if this happened again Lucy couldn't have another surgery. He suggested a Holistic Vet could possibly help Lucy with a different approach.
Our daughter had heard of Dr Lynne through a friend. We made an appointment and consulted with Dr Lynne. Dr Lynne did acupuncture on Lucy and did an indepth analysis of the whole situation. We decided I would try cooking food for Lucy and add some herbal and cranberry supplements to her food daily. That was three years ago. Lucy is doing very well and has not had any more issues with bladder stones. Ruby is especially happy to have Lucy at her side. Where one dog is the other is not far away. Our family is extremely grateful that Dr Lynne was able to help Lucy. Lucy was born January19, 2007. She is now almost 6 years old and a special part of this family.
The Storch family
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