Ladybug (Severe Allergies)

This is Ladybug's story, written by her owner.

In April 2006, a request came in for Green Acres Boxer Rescue to take in a rescue with mange.
If you've seen pictures of dogs with severe demodectic mange, they had nothing on Ladybug. Nobody in our rescue had ever seen anything like her before. She had so many infections from the mites that her toenails were green, her skin was bright red and her ears were too swollen to fit a Q-tip in them. And she was completely bald.
 It took a lot of care and patience to get Ladybug back from the edge. Her first year in rescue consisted of skin scrapings, Hydroxyzine, Prednisone and Cephalexin. And baths. And Benedryl. And lots and lots of itching.

After her mange and infections cleared up, Ladybug was still very itchy. She used to have so many "hot spots" that she would scratch her face raw and chew her feet and tummy incessantly. Already on the maximum dose of Benedryl, we turned to Dr Lynne Dennis. Dr. Lynne recommended Chinese herbs and acupuncture to calm her itching and soothe her skin. 

Ladybug has been taking External Wind and Four Paws Damp Heat for four years and is much more comfortable. She rarely  needs acupuncture and is now getting Benedryl only once per day (versus three). Occasionally we have backed off the herbs to get a sense of how she is doing and she flares up almost right away. She is much happier on her herbs.

And Ladybug got us! After fostering her for two years and going through all of the health issues with her, how could we let her go?

Our  "Buggie" is proof that you can beat mange and control allergies if you are patient, provide a good diet and combine traditional and non-traditional methods. Her coat is still pretty thin but she is happy, healthy and sweet as can be.
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