Josie (Geriatric Weakness)

Acupuncture helped Hindend Weakness in a 15 year old Border Collie
Here is what her owner Cheri had to say:
Seeing the results for her - she obviously was not biased or faking - made me begin my own acupuncture treatment for an old shoulder injury that I had always just been dealing with, and it was much improved!
Josie would appear lethargic and "sunken" if it was too long between treatments, usually at about 6 weeks, and after her treatment would be happy and smiling, and able to trot around.
She loved going to Dr Lynne, she was always happy when we arrived, and sat quitely and even slept during her treatments.
If it weren't for her acupuncture, she would have had to be on medication for pain. I feel that I was able to increase the quality and duration of her life by taking her to acupuncture treatments. 
Cheri Carr
Animal Services Officer
Madison and Dane County Public Health
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