Joey (Spinal Arthritis)

Joey has severe spinal arthritis!

Here is his story, written by his friend Jean

Joey’s start to life was rather rough, so we had to find ways to support his inadequate immune system, life threatening allergies and all the illnesses that came with that.

Dr. Lynne began treating Joey for allergies that caused hives that swelled his entire head up to the size of a basketball. After many emergency trips to the closest vet to relieve the swelling so that he could breathe, Dr. Lynne joined the fight to save Joey from the devastating effects of severe allergies. After much benedryl and the occasional shot of steroids, as an emergency measure during his puppy years, Joey is now maintained comfortably with western herbs, the occasional round of Chinese medicine and regular, ongoing acupuncture treatments.

Joey also had a mast cell tumor removed. Dr. Lynne immediately suggested Chinese medicine to ward off a reoccurrence of the tumors. After several years, there have been no signs of a return of the mast cell tumors which are so prevalent in boxers.

As Joey has aged, Dr. Lynne’s oversight, assistance, suggestions, medical expertise
and, of course, acupuncture have been key in maintaining Joey’s good health. He has very advanced arthritis in his spine, but no one would ever guess that when he is playing with one of his puppy friends as a part of his dog sitting duties. Joey is also the official guardian of his herd of cats to keep them safe from two families of fox who think the cats look very tasty.

Joey’s human depends heavily on Dr. Lynne’s knowledge to help keep all of the animals at the farm as healthy as they can be for as long as possible. I believe Dr. Lynne’s hands have touched each and every rescue case here. She is much loved and appreciated by both humans and animals.

submitted by Jean Roberts, (as well as her herd, pride and pack)

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