Joe (IBD)

This is Joe's Story

My Border Collie, “Joe”, was diagnosed with a severe clostridial infection in July 2007.  Unfortunately, this infection was the start of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  Joe was a working obedience and agility dog – he still wanted to work, but wasn’t really healthy enough to do so.   I couldn’t risk the excitement of showing for fear it would start another bout of the IBD.

Despite several rounds of different antibiotics, he still had severe GI problems, lost 15% of his body weight, and his previously beautiful coat was thin, dry and rusty in color.  Joe’s health improved somewhat after we switched him to a lower fat, balanced, homemade diet with fewer ingredients.  But he still wasn’t completely healthy and continued to have diarrhea whenever we would try to reduce the metronidazole (both an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory) he was taking for the IBD. 

Joe began seeing Dr. Lynne in December 2007.  By using a combination of acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs and other western nutritional supplements, we were able to reduce Joe’s metronidazole to a fraction of his previous dosage.  Four years later, at 11 years of age, he is the picture of health and looks half his age.  He continues to have an acupuncture treatment every 6 weeks and he has had no apparent side-effects from the herbs or medication.  Although Joe enjoys his snuggling time with Dr. Lynne much more than the acupuncture needles, she remains one of his very favorite people. 


Written by Tracy Sengupta (Joe's owner)


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