Jamie (Liver Disease)

Acupuncture helped Jamie live almost 10 years with a Portosystemic (Liver) Shunt

Jamie McDougal

Jamie, a sable Shetland sheepdog, was born in a South Dakota Puppy Mill. Taken to a pet store in Minnesota, he was sold three times to couples wanting a puppy. Each time he was returned because the buyers said that “something” was wrong with him. The third couple had taken him to their own vet, who diagnosed him with a liver shunt. When they returned him to the store with this diagnosis, the pet shop owner said he was going to euthanize the puppy. The couple would not let that happen, and got Jamie across the border and into the Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue program.

Seeing his photo on the WSR page, I felt I needed to do what I could for this small puppy. He came to my home at 7 months of age, all skin and bones, weighing 9 pounds. Within a month, he was having liver shunt surgery at the UW – Veterinary School. The surgery seemed to work; Jamie started gaining weight and acting as any young dog would. However, he continued to have problems, including numerous UTI and bladder infections. So, he underwent additional surgery at the UW and it was then that the vets discovered that the initial surgery had only been partly successful. The doctors told me that he would probably live only to about 5 years old.

I decided to try and beat those odds. Jamie was fed a very low protein diet and snacks. I took him for check-ups every 6 months – and he started to receive acupuncture treatments from Dr. Lynne. At first, Jamie would have acupuncture every four weeks; when he was doing well, we were sometimes able to stretch it out to every six weeks and he was always so much better after one of his treatments.

Dr. Lynne also recommended a regimen of special Chinese herbs to
help with his liver health. He was a picky eater, so I often had to disguise the herbs in his food, mixing them w/ a small amount of vegetable baby food.

Jamie passed out of this life in October, 2011. He was three months shy of his 10th birthday. We beat the odds and I was able to have this wonderful boy in my life for an extended period of time. My thanks to Dr. Lynne for helping to make this possible.


Jamie's Mom

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