Honey (Geriatric Arthritis)

This is Honey's Story

"My 12 year old Rottweiler Honey was struggling with a variety of geriatric issues. The cartilage in her knees had degenerated and she was having difficulty getting around. Honey would lie around the house uncomfortably and refuse to walk or play.

I started seeing improvement in Honey's condition after the first acupuncture session. She was more energetic, and was in less pain. Honey's mood improved with every session. She is much happier and more playful now than before we started acupuncture. Dr. Lynne also prescribed some Chinese herbs that seem to give my dog Honey increased energy and youthfulness.

I was surprised to see how much my Honey loves acupuncture! Although Honey can be a high-maintenance dog, she always settles down happily after Dr. Lynne starts the session. Dr. Lynne uses a combination of needles and laser light therapy. These sessions really make my dog happier and healthier.

I would recommend Dr. Lynne’s expertise for anyone with an older dog. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, hind leg weakness, or depression, I am confident that Dr. Lynne can help your pet. "

Written by Honey's owner

Honey currrently gets acupuncture at AHCS every 2-3 weeks and a Chinese herbal formula twice daily

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