Barley (Elbow Arthritis)

This is Barley's Story

"Dr. Lynne has been amazing at helping with Barley’s elbow arthritis.  The acupuncture really helps him in a way that medicine (anti-inflammatories and glucosamine supplements) just sometimes can’t. 

The acupuncture also helps with his persistent seasonal allergies which bring him a lot of discomfort and cause him to scratch his ears and lick his paws.  Dr. Lynne targets the specific areas Barley is having problems with on any particular day (ears, hot spots, elbows, etc.) and Barley always feels so much better after his treatments. He and our other dogs love to see her!

Dr. Lynne’s willingness to provide mobile treatments is a huge plus for us -- far more convenient than having to drive him somewhere.  And she always goes beyond the acupuncture to focus on his overall health, asking what he’s eating, what other problems he’s having, etc.

What we’ve learned from the back-and-forth with Dr. Lynne about caring for our dogs generally during the time she’s treating Barley has been a wonderful added bonus to her services. We highly recommend her!"

Written by Barley's family

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