Barbie (Metabolic Disease)

Acupuncture for Equine Metabolic Disease

Barbie was 24 years old in October 2008 when she was first treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at AHCS because her owner was worried she might not survive the winter in WIsconsin. 

She had been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance, Cushings Disease and Hypothyroidism (from a large thyroid mass). She was in very poor condition as her body tried to manage all of these severe metabolic diseases. Her heart was failing and she was losing weight quickly.

Barbie was treated with acupuncture every 2 weeks for three treatments and then monthly through the winter. She was started on a Chinese herbal formula for diabetes and started on pergolide.  By the summer she was a different pony! She had a beautiful coat, improved muscle mass and great energy.

Barbie continues to receive Chinese herbal medicine along with western medicine (pergolide) for her metabolic disease. She is also getting additional Chinese herbs for her arthritis and occasional sinus infection. She gets acupuncture a few times a year to help keep her comfortable, healthy and balanced. She is now a happy 27 year old!

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